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EXPO-MATE is an international full service project management agency within the exhibition industry. 10 years of experience in the industry in combination with 10 years sales and marketing experience is our fundament. As a result, we can bring your marketing and communication strategy to life as no other through the design and realization of unique stand concepts.

We do this in a proactive, personal, and efficient manner. You can focus on your core business, with EXPO-MATE the rest is in professional hands. Welcome at EXPO-MATE!


10 years of working within the exhibition industry has given us a good insight of the "quality and customer standard" within the industry. This experience made us a strong believer that there is a need for change by raising the service level to a higher level. A full service philosophy that will be noticed throughout the complete process of creating and realizing your exhibition stand.

At EXPO-MATE we emphasize on our high quality project management, high quality execution of the project, an independent character and our 100% client based work method where we take the time to really get to know our clients by understanding the requirements and needs. All these elements have been defined in our state of the art EXPO-MATE model. This model makes us incorporate your DNA and your most important values into the design and at the end into your realized exhibition stand. We would be happy explaining the EXPO-MATE model to you in person.

Mission Statement

Making your exhibition participation more successful, efficient and easy.


At EXPO-MATE we strive to be the most appreciated, leading quality organization within the industry. Wanting to be market leader as a full service project management company by offering authentic, innovative, sustainable and custom made projects for our client in order to make them achieve their goals. Our clients are our ambassadors, and we make sure our ambassadors are not only completely satisfied with the end result, but also with the path leading to this realization.

Company values

EXPO-MATE's core values are the guideline in everything we do. From giving advice to presenting our design proposal or handing you over the turn-key stand, everything is handled with great care according to our values listed below:

· Best quality
· Full service
· Independent
· Authentic, trending & innovative
· Knowledge & experience
· Environmental friendly
· Long term partnerships

Project Management

Step by Step


Meeting each other in person or by phone in order to get familiar with each other. During this meeting setup and/or discuss a brief document in which your requirements and wishes are described. Based on your requirements we will start working on a authentic and trending design.


Getting your marketing communication strategy and goals across in a creative and effective way. This is the key element we will discuss with the designer. Design will be made in 3D full colour renderings or animations if requested. Also includes a detailed floor plan with all measurements. We would like to have an open presentation and discussion with you on the concept thoughts.


Clearly the design proposal is the first step towards a successful exhibition participation. Based on the given feedback we will make adjustments in the design and updates on the quotation. Coming to an agreement on both design and price is our mutual goal. Once this is done a milestone planning will be discussed with you. Based on this milestone planning the realization phase will get started.


During the setup of the stand on location, all over the world, the same project manager will be onsite and will be your point of contact. If there are any requests or requirements onsite the project manager will be flexible to get this done and get the stand completely ready for the first day of the show.


Hopefully you had a successful event and your goals have been achieved. Once the stand has been dismantled the project manager will contact you to evaluate the total project. Clearly we would like to get an insight look on how you, as our client, experienced the stand and the complete process of working towards the mutual goal.


From visual to turn-key stand


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Management in Authentic and Trending Exhibition participations
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